Do you shoot male boudoir?

Yes I shoot male boudoir. I do not shoot nudity (genitals) for males or female sessions.

What is the turn around time for your photos?

My turnaround time is between 14-21 days for boudoir photos. We will then have a meeting for you to choose your products.

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

I am booking the session as a gift how much time should I allow for product to come in?

Its takes 6-8 weeks once product is ordered to be shipped. I highly recommend you book your session 2-3 months before if you are wanting product to be in on time.

Do I have to be naked?

I will always work with whatever level of nudity you are comfortable with. In most cases you will be wearing underwear, but if you do choose to be naked, your shots will always be done in good taste and your nudity will be implied rather than overt.

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer
Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Do I have to share images on social media?

Absolutely not, I respect all my clients privacy. If after your session there are photos that don't show your face I will ask if you are comfortable sharing them. There is no pressure to say yes

Will you edit things I don’t like about my body?

I will smooth skin, edit out small scrapes and bruises during my editing process, but I do not alter/photoshop bodies to look different then what is in front of me. I am a body positive photographer. I am here to help remind you that you are beautiful. We only get one body and we need to start appreciating all of it. I will make every effort to help you feel as comfortable in your body as possible, however, if something is bothering you enough to not want it photographed at all, we will work with what we have available to us to “camouflage” it - to bring you back to a level where you are comfortable and ready to show off your sexy side.

How does a client closet work???

I have purchased lingerie items for my clients to use during their session. To reduce cost and to make the process easier for my clients. One less thing to worry about! My clients choose the items they would like to wear during the session between 2-4 outfits. We may not be able to wear them all, but we will start with your favorites. Each item is washed in-between client use with an antibacterial additive as well as a detergent. My clients must wear a nude-colored thong or panty liners underneath the bottoms. My client closet is more sanitary then trying on clothes in a store. I was my lingerie items between each use which is more than we can say for that sweater you may have tried on recently.

Do you have a studio?

I currently have a studio until March 30th, 2024 at 46 Antares Drive Unit 205.

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